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What we stand for

DS Marketing Focuses on the fundamentals

We’re passionate about marketing and helping clients succeed. We stay current on trends and techniques to develop unique strategies for each client. We love brainstorming and collaborating with clients to bring their vision to life, creating positive and dynamic environments for achieving great results together.

Our Mission
To provide successful marketing strategies to our clients, by practicing innovative, professional, and accessible marketing.
Our Goals

1. To build meaningful relationships with our clients.

2. To deliver the most innovative marketing services.

3. To build brands that embody our client’s culture, values, and vision

Our Values

Being innovative, professional and accessible to our clients.

Who we are

Meet the Team

D’Andre Vasquez

Marketing Specialist

D’Andre Vasquez is a marketing specialist and the visionary owner of DS Marketing.

His passion for marketing is driven by empowering small businesses and supporting promising candidates in their electoral endeavors. With dual degrees in Marketing and Political Science from Washington State University, D’Andre innovates campaigns that captivate audiences and drive results.

Drawing on his extensive experience collaborating with small businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns, D’Andre is ready to assist you in achieving your marketing objectives and crafting a brand that reflects your company’s culture, values, and vision.

Outside of DS Marketing, D’Andre enjoys fitness, coaching, and spending time on the beach! D’Andre looks forward to connecting with you soon!

Connect With D'Andre about:
- Small businesses marketing solutions
- Political campaign marketing solutions
- Nonprofit marketing solutions
- Strategic Partnerships

Sarai Guerrero

Marketing Specialist

Sarai is a marketing specialist with dual degrees in Hospitality Business Management and Marketing from Washington State University.

Leveraging her extensive expertise in event coordination for corporate entities, managing logistics and coordinating teams, Sarai offers a unique understanding of the hospitality industry.

At DS Marketing, Sarai is committed to ensuring the seamless execution of events and developing captivating marketing solutions.

Outside of DS Marketing, Sarai loves traveling, exploring cultures, and spending time with her loved ones.

Connect With Sarai about:
- Small business marketing solutions
- Hospitality marketing solutions
- Social media marketing solutions
- Promotional event solutions

Hailee Lehman

Creative Consultant
Hailee is our in-house Creative Consultant; she has been in the Graphic Design and Marketing industry for 11 years and has many diverse skills and vast knowledge of today’s industry. From working with local wineries, to building websites with digital strategy and running social media for multi-million-dollar companies, Hailee always leads with understanding and innovation for solving a client’s problem no matter the size or task at hand. Outside of work Hailee enjoys working on race cars, spending time with her family and soaking in the sun rays.
Connect With HAILEE about:
- Branding solutions
- Content marketing solutions
- Photography & videography solutions
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